Play completely anonymously (No personal details needed)


Gamble in our own token (WBA), by buying directly from our Contract or one of the marketplaces we are listed to!


Indirectly bet on the house by simply holding their tokens, and receive a monthly percentage of the Bank's revenue.


No deposit limit and $ 1 million withdrawal limit per month per user.

How to Play

First to play in our Casino you must have installed the Google Chrome or Brave browsers.


Get the Metamask extension for your Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox or Opera browsers.

Join the Casino!

Join our Casino, sign in with your Metamask wallet and Play!

We believe that any solution must:

Be fully decentralized to remove single points of failure and individual control.

Be fairly and widely distributed to speed up adoption and reduce market risk.

Function in a trustless manner, so one party's dishonesty does not jeopardize the fairness of the entire system's performance.

Include mechanisms that stabilize the value of the network's underlying token of exchange, whether adoption dramatically rises or falls.

Guarantee user privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are we?

We are the worlds first online casino which operates solely with cryptocurrencies. We currently support our own cryptocurrency, the We Bet Crypto Token (WBA).

Why don't you present the members of your team?

Anonymity is a crucial aspect of our casino for both our users and the development team. We have not presented our team to the public as we strongly believe that our  platform can speak for itself. Many ICOs present their team with flying colors and spectacles, without an actual, or functional product whereas we present our product.

Why choose a crypto casino over a fiat backed casino?

Simply because we offer you full anonymity which means that whatever you win at our casino or whatever dividends you are paid out at the end of the month go to your account, without us retaining any personal information.

What games can I play?

You can view our current selection of games by heading over to our Casino Portal. We are currently focusing on bringing multiplayer capabilities to our poker games. As we progress, we will keep adding more games and functionalities to our website. Some of which you can expect are classic board games re-imagined in a casino fashion, interactive story-telling slot machines, craps, video poker & more.

Is it safe to play?

Our token is as safe as any ERC 20 token, which means: it’s not hackable, we have a hardcap in place, and our smart contract self excecutes without our influence over it. This in turn means that all players and token holders are ensured a stable, flexible and safe platform that pays out dividends and is completely decentralized!

How can I stay anonymous?

Use a VPN and only log in with your ethereum adress and password, can it get any simpler than that? We think not!

Did you have an ICO? Do you plan on having one?

We had one, it went horrible, with only $ 4.000,- raised. Yet, we’re still gonna develop this platform, simply because the world deserves a decentralized casino and because we are fully dedicated to accomplishing our mission with, or without any success in our ICO.

TRNG, what's up with that?

Oh, the infamous True Random Number Generator! Well, we got one of the most spacey and stable solutions out there. A TV screen that only shows white noise, a Raspberry Pi that takes one picture every second, grayscales them, makes all the whites 1’s and all the blacks 0’s and feeds that into our system. The cosmic background noise comes from the big bang, hence, its as random as it can get. A true Fair Play system is in place and the infamous Big Bang creates(ed) all the numbers that are fed into our system.

Can I do something to help?

Play, enjoy our platform, tell your friends 🙂

Can I play with my friends or against other players?

Cool! We definitely want you to be able to do so, as we progress in the development of our casino multiplayer blackjack, texas hold’em and omaha tables are going to be implemented. As multiplayer games require sockets, development can be more costly and time consuming. Thus, we argued that it would favor the casino and our users to initially push the development of our single player games! We estimate that the Beta version of the multiplayer hold’em games will launch in Q1 2018!

Are there bet limits in the games?

We will build our system in a scalable fashion, meaning there will be tables for small rollers, ranging all the way up to tables for high rollers.

What about withdrawal or deposit limits?

Deposit as much as you want, withdraw up to 100k WBA tokens per month, instantly to your Ethereum wallet!

Why shouldn't I play at one of your competitors?

Because there are none! A lot of crypto-casinos have emerged without a working product (not Bitcoin casinos). A lot of ICOs performed great but the developers did not manage to provide their users with even one working single player casino game. We did not perform great at our ICO, but we are determined to build the world’s first working cryptocurrency Casino!

DAO.Casino, how are you any different?

Our ICO failed, theirs was a success and the money was stolen and the project never finished. We on the other hand, are creating the project and platform regardless of how much money we initially raised, or didn’t raise in our ICO, simply because the world deserves a decentralized casino and because we love the idea of it!

How can I get in touch with you?

Head on over to our support and send us an e-mail, find us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk, Slack or at our Chat. One of our devs will be in contact with you as soon as he/she can.

Great! So how can I play?

Follow the steps on the How to Play section of our site!

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